Mt Eliza, VIC – Cutting Landscapes

The Project

This beautifully renovated house could barely be seen from the street due to overgrown trees and shrubs, we made the decision to only keep the main native gums in the front yard and get rid of the overgrown shrubs, this made room and brought in additional sunlight. Now with the added sunlight we could install over 150sqm of new Sir Walter Buffalo lawn area for the kids to use.

Our main objective on the rear aspect of this project was to transform this deteriorating existing 1970’s style pool surround into a modern architectural, crisp and enjoyable retreat that the client could come home to everyday, we also needed to retain a natural, tropical element as our client regularly made visits to Port Douglas which produced great memories of spending time with his family and close friends.

Key Features

The exposed aggregate driveway was installed by another contractor our client chose before engaging us to do the landscaping, unfortunately the driveway was not installed wide enough, and our client could simply not reverse without running off the edge.

We decided to add in the gravel strips with random planting and stainless-steel bollard lighting to the outer edges of the gravel, this would ensure that driving over the edge would not be a problem and the lighting bollards would highlight the driveway like a runway to ease driving and reversing at night.

Working With Landscape Architects

Assisting the landscape architect on designing and constructing the Hillview granite stone rockery and gabion walls, also with the random basalt stepping stones that lead to the vertically aligned spotted gum gates. We assisted the landscape architect on reusing the existing (broken) honeycomb rock water feature feed and using it for our illuminated sheer decent water feature in our newly constructed natural stone clad retaining wall.

Project Contact

Leneeva Homes

1300 022 954