A premium, water-resistant, flexible, rubber-based, fast-setting, cementitious adhesive for bonding ceramic and stone tiles to porous and non-porous surfaces subject to vibration and thermal movement.

– C2 high bond strength, exceeds 1MPa
– S2 exceptional flexibility deformation, exceeds 5mm
– E extended open time
– T non-slump
– A one-pack with two-pack performance, i.e. 1.9MPa adhesion > 5mm deflection
– Will withstand thermal and vibration movement and 1.0mm shrinkage cracks
– Exceeds the requirements of AS ISO 13007.1
– Ideal for fixing granite, porcelain & vitrified tiles
– For fixing tiles to fibre cement sheet over timber floors
– Suitable for shower alcoves
– Ideal for new concrete floors subject to shrinkage cracks
– Tiling over existing tiles

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Weight20 kg