Under Tile Heating is perfect for the Australian climate. The 4mm thick element is placed directly on top of the sub floor and the fl?ooring simply laid over the top. As the element is so close to the floor surface your home will be warm in 30-60 minutes.

* The fully programmable touch screen thermostat can program your floor heating to switch on when you require it, so when you arrive home or get up in the morning your home is luxuriously warm and waiting for you.

Under Tile Heating is ideal if you are renovating as only the floor surface needs to be replaced to facilitate installation. You can cover an area as small as 1m2 through to the biggest living areas. With running costs as low as 2c per m2 per hour it sells itself.

Hotwire is perfect for a bathroom as the heating will not only heat the floor but also dry the floor meaning less mould and therefore less cleaning.