How To

How To Tile – Part One

How To Tile – Part Two

How To Tile – Part Three

How To Tile – Part Four

How To Tile – Part Five

Use the DTA Lippage System

Install a Cflex Wall Insert

Apply Davco Easy Grout

Use the Aussie Leveling System

Fit Trim to Existing Tiles

Using Mosaic Backing Sheets


  • The above information is provided as a courtesy to our clients and should be used as a guide only.
  • Always read packaging and data sheets thoroughly before embarking on any project.
  • All work should be carried out to any relevant national standard and any local council requirements.
  • Every project will be different, so always make sure you have the correct product for your project and follow surface preparation and application instructions thoroughly.
  • Always follow safety precautions as found on the packaging.
  • Always refer to technical data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets which can be found in the Trade section of our website or by emailing trade@ultimatetiles.net.au.